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Sep. 19th, 2015


This is my story. I am just started make a fanfic Hongo Kanata. The story is not about just fanfic. But I truly like my idol Hongo Kanata desu. 本郷 奏多が大好きだから、はじめてFan Fic をかきます。My favorite band visual Kei is Diaura. I like a idol group Sexy Zone. I am really like Anime. アニメが大好き。よろしく.

I like Hongo Kanata since junior high school. Since he play Prince if tennis live action movie.それで、I am searching everything about him in internet. Since that too, I like anime prince of tennis. Until now, i still like that anime.

Everyone say Hongo Kanata is not handsome. I am not like just because he's handsome. Somewhat i feel happy watch him eventhough many his film there is no subtitle. I like his smile. Eventhough he don't know about me. It's fine to me.

When he play in yankee to megane chan. I really excited. He can play that character too. Well, i hope he always success.My visual kei is Diaura. Eventhough i don't know the lyrics, i happy hear the song. I also like idol group. my favorite idol group is Sexy Zone. I like anime,watch movie and drama, play game, listen to music.

Well thats about me. thanks for reading.

Sep. 10th, 2015

Kireina Hana

this story tell about a girl who have bad past, but she enjoying her life. She open new path to her life again.

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Hallo Negeri Sakura

Cerita ini tentang seorang perempuan berkerudung yang melanjutkan sekolahnya di luar negeri. Disanalah dia berjuang untuk menemukan cita-citanya dan menemukan takdirnya.

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Jan. 7th, 2015

first love

this is just short story about a girl like someone. she just can look at him like look at star. maybe its not story i don't what to say, having fun

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just for fun

this story is just for fun..don't take seriously..
Maaf ini memakai bahasa Indonesia.

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In the same sky part 2

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Aug. 27th, 2014

in the same sky part 1

title : in the same sky part 1
summary : this is about friendship and love.

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photos of Kanata

photo of Kanata :3

she must know it part 3 and 4

tittle : she must know it part 3 and 4

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she must know it part 2

title : she must know it part 2

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